"My son was born two months premature with congenital anomalies of his heart, lungs, and intestines, and spent much of his first year of life in the hospital undergoing a number of surgeries. Once we finished his surgeries, we were met with the challenge of catching him up developmentally given all the time he had lost. At 20 months, he wasn’t saying any words and was very resistant to therapy, until we started seeing Alicia. Alicia was the first therapist he would let come within 3 feet of him, and in just a short time he went from saying no words to now having almost 200 words and using 2 and 3 word sentences. Alicia took the time to compassionately understand his needs, work through his challenges, and develop a comprehensive plan for him to thrive in his development. She is kind, smart, patient, and dedicated to helping the children she treats. She has extensive experience working with children with many different conditions, and in addition to speech has also helped us with sensory sensitivities, feeding issues, and behavioral issues. She is always professional and very personable, and genuinely cares about our son’s development. It’s not uncommon for her to text us on a weeknight with suggestions and tips, and they always work. Thinking back on the progress my son has made, I am just thankful we found her. In just a few months, he has gone from not speaking and crying at the sight of a therapist to running to the door in anticipation of Alicia arriving. We are forever grateful for her help!"

~Mother of 2 1/2 year old

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"We were referred to Alicia by my son’s orthodontist, Dr. Barry, for myofunctional therapy in addition to his orthodontic treatment. I had not previously heard about this type of therapy or why it is necessary, but after coming to Alicia for the last year, I began to see how her expertise helped my son form good habits for breathing, swallowing, tongue placement, and other factors that make sure his teeth stay where they should be. I’m very happy with the results and my son has been encouraged by his own progress!"

~Mother of 14 year old 

"Alicia is an amazing speech therapist! My daughter was hesitant to start speech therapy but she soon became Alicia's biggest fan.  She is so patient and caring of her patients.  Not only does she make speech therapy so much fun, she is so outstanding at what she does.  She is able to incorporate orofacial myofunctional therapy into a more traditional speech therapy approach, which is a huge benefit to her patients.  I could not recommend her more highly!"

~Sara Ginsberg

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"I can’t thank Ms. Alicia from Reach for Speech and Beyond enough for the work that she did with our daughter. My daughter was tongue tied and needed a frenectomy and Alicia was patient, thorough, and exemplary in her approach prior to, during, and after the procedure. Emilia was 4.5 years old at the time and immediately bonded with Alicia. After a few short months, her learning habits, articulation, and sentence structure all improved drastically. I highly recommend Ms. Alicia from Reach for Speech and Beyond and am grateful for the experience my daughter had."