Did You Make Progress?

This non-nutritive sucking habit elimination program is based on positive reinforcement, fun activities and rewards.   Foundations are derived from the works of Sandra Holtzman and Shari Green. It is designed to break noxious habits such as prolonged thumb or finger sucking as well as extended pacifier use. Many individuals, or families of individuals with prolonged sucking habits, feel defeated because they have tried to stop the habit but have not made progress or been successful. You are not alone! By being an active participant in this program, individuals can quit their habit, some in as little as 10 days! That being said, the participant must be motivated and want to stop or “dump” the habit forever! A thorough explanation of the program, requirements and incentives are provided during the first session to ensure that the participant agrees to the plan and timing to implement is appropriate.

Many children with prolonged sucking habits have Orofacial Myofunctional Disorders due to the fingers/thumb/pacifier altering the resting posture of the tongue, which affects the swallow. Because of this, after successful completion of the program, the therapist may recommend a full orofacial myofunctional evaluation to determine the areas that have been compromised by the sucking habit. This is an important step, before orthodontic work, to ensure proper tongue resting posture and correct swallow patterns.  

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